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Collaborator Information

Find information regarding our project collaborators below.

Image by Silvio Kundt

The success of LightningBug and related efforts (e.g., ALICE) will be realized through the development of additional complementary technologies and the integration of different flavors in insect collections, from affordable LightningBug light (~$3,000) to a deluxe version (~$30,000). There are ~1,000 insect collections in the world and we will provide optional pathways for small to larger collections. We will highlight collections below that develop LightningBug versions that work for their collection. Crystal Maier (Harvard) and Larry Gall (Yale) will lead the effort to test LightningBug units and software and in conjunction with Neil Cobb (Biodiversity Outreach Network) provide collections with needed information. There are other efforts outside the US Global Collaborators

US Collaborators

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